Water Damage

Mold, rot, and brown spots on your drywall? We don’t sell services that people don’t need at Colorado Living Space, but sometimes its better to fix a leak before things get real bad. Some new builds in colorado are getting built without drip edges and no waterproofing  around the window. Such was the case in this Longmont home.

This window sports mold, rot, wet insulation, a swollen window sill, and crumbling drywall. Now, it has a new finish complete with texture match on the drywall, a fixed roof drainage problem and sealed siding on the outside.

Art Studio Skylights

Demo (cover pic) included punching holes in the wall and taking out the original ceiling, which was flat. The frame was restructured (below) sistering broken rafters and including an 90 degree bend off angle from the existing ceiling making nice angles. This left essentially the same space in the attic for storage.IMG_1931

Then, we drywalled (pic 2) using the attic wall to reflect southern sun for the best lighting down on the studio space. (finish picture not shown)IMG_1936