Lyons Bathroom

We don’t often do bathrooms, but when we do, we like the outcome.

We reframed a closet to the left and framed down the ceiling to level, and set the tub. Then we tiled the shower with a cut out for soap, and a corner shelf (pic mid) as well as a back bench (seen in R pic).


We installed a window (pic left), set the rustic wood tile on the floor and tiled behind what will be the toilet as well as the vanity. Then, we accented the white tile with the darker color wall.



Basement Finish (2,400 sq ft)

Mead, CO // January 2015

This family wanted to host internationals. Their basement became a space to house students and travelers year round.

Stage 1: Showing you framing of shelves (Pic 2), drop ceilings (Pic 3), and our 2-3 coat door painting process before door hang (Pic 4-5).


Stage 2: After painting, tile gets set in bath and kitchen. Lights and window sills are installed. Trim is applied to make way for carpet.


Stage 3 (detail): I’ve focused in on some sill, shelf, and tub details here.


Stage 3 (general): Notice the hallway lines, clean tile, warm carpet, drop ceiling, trim and kitchenette. When we arrive it was a 2,400 ft open square space.


Johnstown, CO //  Jan 16′

L to R: Pictures represent stage 1-4 of a 2015-16 COLS basement finish. Stage 1: laying out the floor, plumbing your bathroom; Stage 2: framing; Stage 3: drywall; Stage 4: Trim, doors & windows

L to R: Pictures show maximization of space and light (okay, the pictures try to show what we did). Pic 3 (basement left of pic 2) shows dropped bedroom and storage doors nestled under dropped soffit without looking crowded.