Basement Finish (2,400 sq ft)

Mead, CO // January 2015

This family wanted to host internationals. Their basement became a space to house students and travelers year round.

Stage 1: Showing you framing of shelves (Pic 2), drop ceilings (Pic 3), and our 2-3 coat door painting process before door hang (Pic 4-5).


Stage 2: After painting, tile gets set in bath and kitchen. Lights and window sills are installed. Trim is applied to make way for carpet.


Stage 3 (detail): I’ve focused in on some sill, shelf, and tub details here.


Stage 3 (general): Notice the hallway lines, clean tile, warm carpet, drop ceiling, trim and kitchenette. When we arrive it was a 2,400 ft open square space.

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